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Blue Energy in ports and coastal urban areas






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1.1: Enhance the framework conditions for innovation in the relevant sectors of the blue economy within the cooperation area


Irena - Istrian Regional Energy Agency Ltd.


Local, regional and national public authorities

Universities, technology transfer institutions, research institutions


NGOs, associations, innovazion agencies, business incubators

General public

The overall objective of COASTENERGY is to foster the creation of a favorable environment for business initiatives in the Blue Energy sector and promote the realization of coastal blue energy systems in the Programme area, particularly focusing on wave and thermal energy converters to be integrated in structures such as breakwaters, marinas, etc. These initiatives must be informed and designed to guarantee the full preservation of marine ecosystems and the landscape, and also comply with the needs of other maritime activities such as fishing, aquaculture, tourism, and shipping. The project will adopt a participatory approach, gathering and involving Quadruple Helix actors in a multi-level network for the development of a common roadmap and the deployment of coastal blue energy systems in pilot areas.






Irena - Istrian Regional Energy Agency Ltd.


Labin - Croatia


IRENA was founded in 2009 by the County of Istria as an independent, non-profit organization providing advisory services to local decision makers, households and citizens on energy issues. IRENA’s main activities include: promoting energy efficiency, use of RES and cogeneration, implementing national and local energy programmes and strategies, elaborating energy action plans, implementing and monitoring sustainable energy management in all public buildings.

Contact person: Nikola Petrić

E-mail: nikola.petric@irena-istra.hr


Development Agency of the City of Dubrovnik - DURA


DURA is a professional, non-profit organization founded by the City of Dubrovnik. It provides services concerning the preparation of project proposals to public institutions, SMEs, civil associations, and all interested stakeholders. By implementing its activities, DURA acts as a liaison between the City, its institutions and other local stakeholders able to support local development and growth. All projects prepared by DURA are implemented in cooperation with the City of Dubrovnik.

Contact person: Thea Soldo

E-mail: tsoldo@dura.hr


International Centre for Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems – Sdewes Centre


SDEWES Centre is a non-government and a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide a wider platform for communication and exchange of ideas between scientists and researchers, promoting a multidisciplinary approach to sustainability. SC acts as an international think-tank where new ideas and perspectives arise. SC has more than 150 members from 50 countries, including experts, professors, scientists, students and businessmen in the field of sustainable development.

Contact person: Nikola Matak

E-mail: nikola.matak@fsb.hr


University of Camerino


Established in the XIV century, UNICAM is a public university since 1958. The School of Science and Technology is one of its 5 schools. Its current research activities include Production and accumulation of energy, Development of new materials, Green Chemistry, Study of mathematical models for business development, and Development of innovative SW for public administrations and businesses. MS Courses are part of an International Consortium of leading EU universities.

Contact person: Maria Chiara Invernizzi

E-mail: chiara.invernizzi@unicam.it


University of Udine


The University of Udine is an Italian Public University founded in 1978, it has more than 15,000 students, 650 researchers and 524 technical and administrative staff. Scientific research is performed by 8 Departments and 9 Research centers. The Department of Engineering and Architecture, specifically the Laboratory of Management Engineering, has the following competences: co-financed project management, business model and sector analysis, data collection and models collection.

Contact person: Verdiana Bulfone

E-mail: labgest@uniud.it


Community of Mediterranean Universities


CMU is a consortium of 160 Mediterranean Universities from more than 20 countries, founded in 1983. In the course of more than 30 years of activities, CMU has maintained an intense rhythm of activities, proven by the number of grants bestowed on young researchers from Mediterranean Universities, the participation in international research projects, the opening of the Mediterranean University Schools.

Contact person: Francesco Losurdo

E-mail: presidente@cum.uniba.it


Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts Chieti Pescara


One of the main goals of the Chamber is to develop and disseminate the culture of entrepreneurship and support the innovation, competitiveness and internationalization of enterprises, as well as the creation of start-ups. To reach this goal, the Chamber has been implementing several thematic projects. The Chamber of Commerce has a well-established network of relationships with local enterprises, and carries out capacity building and training activities addressed to entrepreneurs.

Contact person: Pia Pohjolainen

E-mail: pia.pohjolainen@chpe.camcom.it


City of Ploče


Town of Ploče carries out a number of operations of local importance for fulfilling citizens' needs, among which urban development, spatial and urban planning, improvement of natural environment and transport. Town of Ploce has experience in the implementation of EU-funded projects such as IPA ADRIATIC 2007-2013, but also projects funded by Croatian Ministries and the World Bank.

​​​​​​​Contact person: Marija Kovač

E-mail: kovacmarija@net.hr



Asset Publisher


All relevant COASTENERGY project deliverables can be downloaded from this section

D2.1.1 Kick-off meeting

PUBLISHED ON 07/04/2022
PDF (0.89 Mb)

First issue (italiano)

First issue (hrvatski)

Second issue (italiano)

Second issue (hrvatski)

Third issue (italiano)

Third issue (hrvatski)

Fourth issue (italiano)

Fourth issue (hrvatski)

Fifth issue (italiano)

Fifth issue (hrvatski)

Local newsletter by City of Ploče - First issue

PUBLISHED ON 29/06/2021
PDF (0.99 Mb)

Local newsletter by City of Ploče - Second issue

PUBLISHED ON 29/06/2021
PDF (7.89 Mb)

Local newsletter by City of Ploče - Third issue

PUBLISHED ON 29/06/2021
PDF (1.05 Mb)

D2.3.1 Project poster

PUBLISHED ON 29/06/2021
PDF (0.79 Mb)

Project flyer - 1st version

PUBLISHED ON 29/06/2021
PDF (0.43 Mb)

Project flyer - 2nd version

PUBLISHED ON 26/03/2022
PDF (0.44 Mb)

IRENA - Local conference reports

PUBLISHED ON 02/05/2022
PDF (1.77 Mb)

D2.4.1 Final conference report

PUBLISHED ON 07/04/2022
PDF (1.85 Mb)

Conference agenda

PUBLISHED ON 25/03/2022
PDF (0.79 Mb)

D2.4.2 Report on the participation in external events

PUBLISHED ON 06/05/2022
PDF (2.04 Mb)

D3.1.1 Methodology for the background analysis

PUBLISHED ON 07/04/2022
PDF (1.23 Mb)

D3.2.1 Legislative and regulatory framework

PUBLISHED ON 07/04/2022
PDF (1.28 Mb)

D3.2.2 List of references for data collection

PUBLISHED ON 07/04/2022
PDF (1.11 Mb)

D3.2.3 Review of case studies on integrated Blue Energy and RES systems

PUBLISHED ON 07/04/2022
PDF (3.44 Mb)

D3.3.1 Stakeholders' map

PUBLISHED ON 02/05/2022
PDF (1.6 Mb)

D3.4.1 Preliminary document

PUBLISHED ON 07/04/2022
PDF (19.48 Mb)


D3.4.3 Energy potential analysis for pilot areas

PUBLISHED ON 07/04/2022
PDF (6.55 Mb)

D4.1.1 1st meeting of the Cross-border Coastal Energy Hub

PUBLISHED ON 29/04/2022
PDF (0.64 Mb)

D4.1.2 Guidelines for the establishment, implementation and assessment of Local Coastal Energy Hubs

PUBLISHED ON 12/04/2022
PDF (0.75 Mb)

D4.2.1 Roadmap and recommendations for the development of integrated Coastal Energy systems in Italy and Croatia

PUBLISHED ON 12/04/2022
PDF (1.21 Mb)

IRENA - Feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis of the thermotechnical system of the City Palace of the City of Poreč

PUBLISHED ON 12/04/2022
PDF (3.92 Mb)

DURA - Analysis of blue energy potentials - City of Dubrovnik

PUBLISHED ON 04/05/2022
PDF (3.64 Mb)

SDEWES Centre - Feasibility study for Cres-Lošinj archipelago

PUBLISHED ON 27/04/2022
PDF (2.15 Mb)

University of Camerino - Port of Ancona: onshore wave energy converters. Pre-feasibility study

PUBLISHED ON 07/04/2022
PDF (5.06 Mb)

University of Udine - A potential pilot project for a heat pump plant implementation in Piazza Unità d’Italia, Trieste

PUBLISHED ON 28/04/2022
PDF (1.36 Mb)

Community of Mediterranean Universities - Feasibility study for wave energy converters in the port of Mola di Bari

PUBLISHED ON 07/04/2022
PDF (4.11 Mb)

Chamber of Commerce of Chieti-Pescara - Pilot projects for the marinas of Pescara and Vasto

PUBLISHED ON 08/04/2022
PDF (3.17 Mb)

City of Ploče - Feasibility study of the implementation of renewable energy sources at the marine sports port in Ploče

PUBLISHED ON 07/04/2022
PDF (1.13 Mb)

D4.3.2 Guidelines for the integration of Blue Energy systems in coastal infrastructure

PUBLISHED ON 12/04/2022
PDF (2.05 Mb)

D5.1.1 Pilot experiences assessment, lessons learnt and recommendations

PUBLISHED ON 07/04/2022
PDF (1.15 Mb)

Coastenergy Platform

The COASTENERGY platform is a tool available to all stakeholders who want to stay updated on the development of Blue Energy, particularly in the Adriatic Sea.
By subscribing to the Platform, stakeholders will be able to gain visibility through the dedicated gallery and create synergies with other entities with similar interests in the blue growth sector.


Coastenergy and the Interreg Med Maestrale project share this web platform for the visualization of environmental and spatial planning data related to the Adriatic Sea, as well as data about project stakeholders and case studies.

D5.3.1 Report on networking activities

PUBLISHED ON 07/04/2022
PDF (0.98 Mb)


The final conference of the COASTENERGY project was held in Bari on the 25th of November, 2021, hosted by Community of Mediterranean Universities. Besides project partners presenting their feasibility studies for Blue Energy projects in the Adriatic Sea, the conference featured local institutional stakeholders such as the Regional Agency for Sustainable Development and the Municipalities of Bari and Mola di Bari, research institutions from Italy and Croatia, and the Blue Growth Interreg project.

La seconda conferenza locale di COASTENERGY nelle Marche è stata ospitata all’interno del Festival “Tipicità in Blu” nella città di Ancona, ha visto la partecipazione di 50 persone (in presenza e online) ed è servita allo scopo di inquadrare i risultati del progetto nelle più ampie strategie energetiche europee e regionali, di consolidare i rapporti con gli stakeholder locali, e di creare nuovi contatti con esperti e con altri progetti europei, in vista di future collaborazioni.


Maria Chiara Invernizzi from Universita' degli Studi di Camerino interviewed about COASTENERGY during the final event of the ADRION Blue_Boost project.

Short overview of the pilot projects developed by the Interreg Coastenergy project partners.




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